Friday, September 2, 2011

husdon taylor is filled with

w.i.s.d.o.m. & f.a.i.t.h.

i was seriously blown away by his faith... it is his 'spiritual secret.'

to be honest, it took me a while to get into the book.
but when i did, i didn't want to stop.

{insert tangent here}
my friend got me this chai for my birthday.
these are my fave mugs we registered for from only the best place on earth. i could seriously wander there for hours.
point is.. my chai in my mug was sitting next to me while i read almost the entirety of this book.
this is a major happy face.

this book is so inspiring.
nothing.. zilch, nada...
to tell others about CHRIST.

i can't really think of anything more inspiring than that.

so, in the book there were quite a few places where i wrote 'wow wow wow' or something of the like in the margin because it blew me out of the water. so i'm gonna have a series... starting on tuesday that is 'hudson's wisdom.'
{side note: isn't hudson a cute boy name?!}

trust me, it will blow your mind and at the same time inspire you.
at least it did me.
so there.

and yes, i recommend this book especially if you need a jump start or re-ignition to your faith.

oh and i only have three more books on my list for the year....
whoop, whoop, followed by my very own party dance.... only in the privacy of my own home kind of party dance. wink.

happy friday!

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Renee Cook said...

love love LOVE the new look. that book is on my list too. party on my friend :)