Thursday, March 8, 2012

latest read

sometimes you need to just read something light... that doesn't take a lot of thought but that's interesting to you. i love to bake as evidence my sister just posted this (see below) on my facebook wall because i love pink and bedazzles and kitchen aid mixers:)

anyways, luke and i love this show and he put this book in my christmas stocking and i read it... in just about one sitting. buddy seems as genuine as can be (which is cool seeing as much fame and money as he has) although it breaks my heart to read this story and hear his religiousity but lack of knowing the Lord. wish i could share that with him. anyways, there's some recipes in the back so i'll let you know if i try any of them.

luke and i aren't thrilled with our lack of reading lately but we're picking up the pace. :) happy reading,

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