Monday, March 19, 2012

let the good times roll-happy day!

happy birthday to my mother in law:)

i met my mother in law when i was fourteen and we've got along ever since... imagine that...;)

i think about being a mother in law someday because at this point i've got sons and i want to see them once they are married.... in which having a relationship with their wife... and my then daughter-in-law is key. i plan on taking many tips from my own m-i-l because she has been what i think most brides hope that theirs will be. She has taken me in as one of her own, she listens to me, spends time with me, is thoughtful, and loves me well.
my mother-in-law lives a pretty public life in which many know her name and think highly of her and her character because she's an exemplary pastor's wife of a large church. I get the chance to be part of her daily life and see the authenticity of her life lived out. i wish everyone could know how funny she is and how much she loves to support her husband in ministry. i also have the privilege of being married to her son who respects me, loves me, and cherishes me - if that doesn't prove something... i don't know what does.

She loves her grandkids and is always finding something fun and new to do with them. She doesn't take herself too seriously and laughs at the time to come. She is beautiful, smart, and always ready with a kind word and speaks truth with grace when needed. I am truly blessed to know her and be part of her family.

Love you kath... and looking forward to your last year in your.... forties,
let the good times roll!

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