Wednesday, March 12, 2014

having it 'all together.' (the much aspired mom award)

i don't have an impressive book list this year, mainly my goal was to start {being the main word} because it's something i really do enjoy...

based on the two books i've read you can kind of get a glimpse into what i'm going for in life...
1. no more perfect moms {i don't know if that means that i'm down with perfection or just that i've realized that i'm no where near perfect :)}
2. balancing it all {now, if i had this down life would dramatically change.}

and after reading both of these books, i think more than anything i've realized no one totally has it ALL together and it's even more freeing to admit that.  After all there's no trophy I get on Friday if A + B = C this week.  If only I had a week that followed A + B... but that's just reality.  I wouldn't say that either of these books had gobs of information that i've never heard before, rather gracious reminders that i'm not the only one walking in these shoes called motherhood.  I think depending on the season you find yourself in... you are led to different takeaways.

one of the many things that i gleaned from the book no more perfect moms was this:
"Pride sneaks in, and sometimes we mistake it for confidence.  However, pride is comparing ourselves , knowingly or unknowingly, to others with the result that we come out looking better than they do.  Pride is a thief.  It robs us of our joy because we become obsessed with believing we deserve something better than what we have."

I want to do this job of motherhood well... so badly i do.  I don't want to wish I was walking in someone else's shoes {even if they are cute} because then i will miss the lessons i should be learning in my own..this is what i'll say:  I'm a work in progress: that is for sure, oh & just wanted to announce through the loud speaker of this blog: i don't have it all together.  Ahhhhhhhhh.....I can feel the freedom already.  

If you're a mom, check these books out, they may be an encouragement to you also!
happy reading,

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