Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 {light-hearted things} i've learned about being a


10. wipes can fix almost anything. buy them at costco.

9. hooter hiders are cool. no one likes to see momma's hooters hanging out, so use a 'hh' when in public:)

8. playgroups are really for the moms... come on, if you haven't realized this already.... it's a chance for momma to have some adult interaction. praise the Lord for that!!!

7. moms need mom friends. sometimes you need a friend to level with you. i had a close friend recently say to me, 'realize that God loves your kids more than you love them.' well said. i want friends that level with me and i want to level with my friends.

6. dollar store treats are just as good as treats from bloomingdales. kids don't know the difference. so just go to the dollar store, oh and save your money for their college education...

5. candy can fix almost anything. bribing isn't always bad;)

4. cuddling when your kids are sick is the best. sometimes it passes the nastiness on to you but then you're immunized without having to get a shot... paradigm shift, i know;)

3. the epidural is one of the best parts of labor, don't let anyone talk you out of it:)

2. you can never laugh enough or dance enough with your kids. ipods in the kitchen are a necessity.

1. i never prayed as much before i had children. they make you realize how little control you have. God is in control, and i'm thankful for that.

i love my mom.
i love being a momma.
& i love the mom's who are exemplary to me.
happy mother's day.

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