Monday, November 14, 2011

construction themed party.

i've said this before and i'll say it again: i think that the first year is so worth celebrating BIG because we made it... (well at this point we're 48 hours short of making it) but you get the point. it's a big feat.

so i have boys and i've been dreaming up this party for... well i am slightly embarassed to admit this but since the kid was like two months old. i just like this stuff. it doesn't keep me up at night but it does get me excited.

let me note that these weren't all of my original ideas (clearly this isn't the first construction themed party ever) but this is what i did with it and ill share sources along the way...:)

ok... so we'll start with food. I did a build your own sandwich theme with a lot of snacks:)
but of course the snacks had the construction theme...

many of these ideas came from here!

i also did construction hats (found on amazon) and put the kid's names on the brims using letters i had found at michaels... they stick on themselves. turned out super cute... especially with the hard hat area sign. (that was also one of their favors they took home.)

the other favor was a chinese take out box filled with puppy chow and said it was 'gravel for the road.' i found these yellow Chinese take out boxes... 3 for $1 at my dollar tree. complete steal!!!

the cake: i used this recipe... make sure you're not doing this at the last minute because you'll be hating yourself like i was.:) leave ample amount of time and it's an easy way to serve cake and everyone liked them!

I used birthday zone construction tape for decor (found on amazon) as well dump truck balloons from my local dollar tree.

but my favorite piece of decor was this picture garland i did. i did one picture for each month of this year and i used sticky star and small clothespins as well as yarn to hold it all together. i thought it turned out cute especially if you're a picture person like me!

the other fun find i had was looking through my fave but only a special gift catalog... mini boden. literally i drool. the stuff is so so cute. i found this 'digger' shirt and thought it was too cute to pass up!
(love this picture of my mom and reid)
happy 1st reid!
love yo momma;)

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Renee Cook said...

sooo cute!! LOVE the idea. i busted out laughing when i read "it doesn't keep me up at night but it does get me excited." happy 1st to reid! :)