Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pinterest #success

so remember that time last spring when I got all the ingredients for slime for my boys because pinterest gave me the idea & because if I have boys... naturally they would love slime.  think again.  they wouldn't even touch the slime.  i was so let down.  so much so that i left the slime in a ziploc in my cabinet because i thought they might change their minds... that's a true story.  that's also a pinterest #fail story.  

well, last night we were having a dear friend over for coffee & dessert & instead of going with the same old same old from my cookbook i ventured into the land of pinterest.  i had a few pinned recipes that looked amazing but in my season of life, it's usually 'let's play it safe so i don't waste time i don't even have to be doing this...' Alas, i found myself at the store buying a few ingredients and in my kitchen during 'naptime' whipping up the dessert.  halfway in i realized, 'wow, this thing is involved.' but... i was halfway in... {insert instilled value from my dear parents of endurance} equaling- i must continue.  and continue i did, deserted by my four year old, i made up in my heart & my mind this stinkin' dessert would be worth it.  

worth it, it was! this was truly a pinterest success story.  if you are having a friend for coffee & dessert or want to celebrate a birthday or have just had the worst day ever... i suggest eating this very dessert.  it's off the charts, if i say so myself. {wink, wink}

it's called.... Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars.  And it's found here.  Also, on my pinterest board...

Hey, here's to a new year of trying NEW things!

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Renee Cook said... i LOVE these. i made them 3 times this fall!! funny, i felt exactly the same way the first time I made them - like, are you kidding me? I think I used 3 or 4 mixing bowls. haha it took forever. But the payoff was WORTH IT! yum yum. or should I say, tasty?! ;)