Tuesday, November 13, 2012

friend - a - versary.

again, i was supposed to write this post in august but i figure that my poor follow through of my good intentions of actually typing this post aren't totally null.  i mean, i am getting to it, just a bit tardy.  {and these friends love me anyway.}

this summer i had a dear friend come up for two days to visit.  we ventured through the city.  she got to inform me in-person that she was just a month less pregnant than i was... meaning that we would be pregnant together for her first pregnancy {let's face it, if there's any comradarie to be had anywhere.... being pregnant at the same time almost tops it all.  it brings sistas together if ya know what i mean}.  we shared stories.  ate good food and laughed a lot.  we facebook creeped like we did in college {when facebook was invented, am i aging myself?} and we had some really good spiritual conversations.  it was like no time had passed since we had been together last which was three months prior.

we have a bond.  she was placed in my life for a season of adversity.  and she wasn't one of those people that got to chose that because it was almost simultaneous with us meeting.  she loved me on my best and worst days.  she told me the truth to my face, even when it hurt.  she called me when locations separated us... i guess that was when calling was still a 'thing.'  and we grew because she didn't let the crisis in my own life get in the way.  she is a true friend.

meet friend two.  we met.  she'd known vaguely who i was and all i knew about her was that she was 'cool, down to earth, you'll like her, i promise.'  at that point in time i could have used a new friend but didn't see this meeting as though it would turn into this... there weren't really expectations since we were just placed together.  i liked her and she laughed at my cheesy jokes so i thought it all might pan out ok.  fast forward a month and a half and we went mall walking, chatting, and shopping {how does that enter every friend story of mine... oh dear, this may be a problem.;)}  but, she shared her life story with me, she was open and honest and the perfect facade that i had seen was certainly peeled off but in the best way possible.  like, her life wasn't tied in pretty ribbons but it was real and she had walked a few thousand miles in the 'faith mocassins' in the midst of trials in her recent past.  that obviously brought us to a different level in our relationship but i didn't know that about four months after she told me stories of her life that i would be able to relate in such a real way.  i was at another turning point in my road known as life and God perfectly dropped in my path a friend that was right there & who know what i was going through.

she was a steady and calm source of support that never wavered.  this trial/crisis in life wasn't going to stop her or make her like me any less.  she didn't look at me any different or judge me or fill in the blank... she was just there, open arms and loved me on my good days and bad.  she was/is a true friend.

so, back in august i was thinking about how i had met both of these lovely ladies in august.  two very different augusts.  two very different seasons in life.  but, i love celebrating and i mentioned to both of them that it was our friend-a-versary.  thanking them for being my friend thru thick and thin.  life has too many crisises and bad days to let the good days pass and not celebrate them.  i don't believe for a second that it is 'just coincidence' that i met these two, i believe that it was a moment that God ordanined so that i would have the friend i needed at my very time of need that would love me & support me & tell the truth to me.

which brings me to proverbs 17:17 'a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.'

these are not just friends but sisters in Christ.  i am so grateful and blessed to have them in my life.
happy {belated} friend-a-versery,
you know who you are:)

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