Thursday, November 15, 2012

first day of school {after}

this post is long overdue... how do i know?  well my skin has since turned pasty white and we've gone from loving and looking forward to preschool to very unsure all the way back to loving preschool.  

i officially felt old or at least 'very adult' when i was walking into carter's first parent-teacher conference last week.  anyways, back tot he first day of school...

we were driving onto the school campus and as i was just telling him that he was now a Lion (as in the school mascot) i began choking up.  but, i put those tears behind me and kept on, how dare he see his mother cry.  i snapped pictures like paparazzi {quite unashamedly, i might add}.  and he almost forgot to hug me goodbye... he walked in with so much courage.  

for me it was an interesting parent moment.  because as i thought about it, lots that i have done in those first three years have prepared him for that moment.  there was no reason to really be sad because this is how it's supposed to go, and if i have successfully trained him, it should go like so.  

but of course it couldn't be just that easy.  because about a month into school {among lots of other changes for our family} he began to miss mommy at school... tears were shed, pictures drawn, a confidence that had withered.  so we geared up as any parents do and i did lots and lots of praying.  and it took time, there was certainly no formula... but he did make it back to excited and very anticipatory of his school days.  that might or might not include the fact that he's quite enamored with his carpool 'buddy.' but hey, we'll take what we can get.;)

so we are officially a family somewhat in school mode.  and seeing an amazing impact in our little 3 and a half year old boy from his school days.  for that we are grateful and anticipatory of all to come.  

i love this last pic... because it's like two of my favorite guys walking on campus;) 
learning through new seasons of motherhood, 

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