Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go5pel commentary :)

luke started w/ this illustration last night: 
He grew up eating these treats called 
'koala cookies.'  They have different pictures on the outside but the inside is always the same... A chocolately cream.  Then, there's a box of chocolates that we also ran into on our way thru target yesterday & the outside always looks the same but the inside you never know... {you'll see how this relates in the end:)} 

We looked at genesis 3 & how sin infects our lives. 

---> we first start to believe the lie... A slow series of choices in the wrong direction. {you don't go from lying to your mom to a bank robber within one days' worth of choices} 

---> we then try the lie... A little taste here, then a little taste there. 

---> we are then wounded by the lie. 
Resulting for Adam & Eve {& a lot of times for us in our foolishness} in the loss of their innocence. So much so that they {& again often times we} hide from God. Why? Because we are so desperate & foolish when we are in sin. 

---> sin always leaves a mark. & hurts us. & always has a price/consequences. 

Going back to the 'koala cookies' & box of chocolates - the 'koala cookies' are like God - always the same when we come to Him.  The chocolates- like sin - usually looks amazingly tempting on the outside & often times not as delectable as we hoped- a let down, gross, usually not what we had hoped for & always fleeting. 

My heart was convicted last night & even now as I type this. I want to have a heart & mind unified that want to flee from sin... Help me Lord in my foolishness! 

Seeing my sin as it really is, 

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