Sunday, August 26, 2012

favorite things.

lately my posts have consisted of sermon commentaries.  while that's not boring, it's obvious that this blog hasn't been at the top of the priority list.  As i was giving some thought to how i could revive it... i'd thought i'd start here:

my four favorite things.

1. the live worship from vertical church cd.

we got access to this cd before most of the world because of luke's job but man oh man have you got to get your hands on this.... not only are these songs on my mind hourly but my kids can't stop singing them either!  I really believe these are songs that bring you to the feet of Jesus to praise Him, put our hearts in perspective and to lay our burdens unto him.  Carter's favorite song is Open up the Heavens (#1) & Reid's is I believe in You (#6)... and i don't know that I have a favorite because I really love all of them.  I am not paid or wasn't even advised for this 'advertisement'... just to put this out there- it's from the bottom of my heart:)  {you can find it on iTunes or on amazon or at Christian bookstores around the country}

2. my new treat jar:)

i love crate & barrel.  i've said it before & i'll say it again.  i happened to be walking by their michigan ave. store and saw this adorable canister with a chalkboard label and loved it but walked past knowing i didn't need it.  Well, the next day a friend and i ventured to the Naperville Outlet & I found it {minus the not so necessary scoop} for a whooping TEN dollars!  i love a good deal.  I love this new treat jar & it looks adorable on the counter too.  you can find it here.

3. three cups i can't {well, i guess i could....} don't want to live without.
eddy bottle

all three were gifts.  and as a pregnant woman there's the 'keep drinking water so you don't faint' + go the bathroom all the time conundrum.... but as a 'common fainter' water is a has been ginger ale and sprite lately... thank goodness for these inventions, i can't say enough about them & they're water bottles:)

4. crocs for KIDS.  

i honestly never thought i would say this because i used to think that these were the 'ugliest shoes on earth.'  but, for kids... especially in the summer... they are a life saver.  they can put them on all by themselves & they can basically endure anything.  let me be clear... i'm not a huge fan of adults wearing crocs... and i'll just leave it there.  

happy favorite things,

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