Thursday, June 7, 2012

four days to just read.

Luke and i have been married {22 days short of} 5 years.  so when we thought about what we wanted to do about celebrating that feat we thought that sitting in nice weather and getting to do whatever we wanted for a few days sounded pretty appealing; when you have two small children your life rarely consists of what you want to do.:)  so, we saved our money, bought some plane tickets, booked a hotel, and completed the endeavor of finding babysitting for our children. 

we sat under these palm trees everyday. 

and i wore this hilarious beach hat that i adore:)

and we read a lot.  right before we left we looked at each other thinking, 'we are nuts for bringing more than just one book.'  i'd say both of us were bit overzealous at our book lists but we did get a through a few each... :)  it was fun to just veg & eat & chat uninterrupted & lay by the pool.  i might just say it was glorious.

the stuff i read:

a friend's book {dare i say i have a friend who is an author?!} i don't think i can share details right now but as soon as i can i will!!!! it was such a good read!

three people magazines.  don't judge.  it's a guilty pleasure.

this was my first {book} read and it's a christian fiction page-turner.  i've already lent it to someone and after that i'm gonna lend it to another friend.  such a good read on a vacation where you have all the time in the world & don't have to put it down!!

 the other book that i completed was this one... it's good.  it's not easy to read... the wording is very artistic so you have to read five words and then go back and re-read the last two but it's all about finding thankfulness in the everyday-ness of life.  The author of the book wrote her own list of one thousand things she was thankful for... i absolutely love that idea.  {just to warn you, the last chapter is a bit weird}

the last book i started reading on the plane was Love & Respect.  A book that is always highly recommended but I've never taken the time to read.  The longer I'm married the more I realize that the more wisdom I can gain from others, the better... because we are just two young people in love with normal struggles.  we need all the Godly advice we can get so we can be happily married for many more years!

Lastly, this is my fave picture from the vacation.  I feel like we both look relaxed & happy & tan {which always helps in the photo department};)  

what are you reading this summer?

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