Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the bathroom lady.

i've heard from someone very dear to me that this quote many a times,

"if anything good happens on a travel day, it's a bonus." 

enter this story:
we had just gotten off our first flight on friday after having woken up at 4:45 a.m.  We were tired from the early morning and were desperate to see our kids but were still very much enjoying our time just as 'two.'  (or shall i say one, lol)  After having to go to baggage claim just to hand our bags back to other people to put them on the new plane i needed to locate a bathroom asap because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

i enter the women's bathroom and there is this sweet african american lady greeting every lady with 'sweetheart' and she would say, 'please let me wipe your seat for you.'  she'd proceed to do that, then she'd go to the next and the next - you catch my drift.  she had a smile on her face and her demeanor seemed as authentic as they come.  when you were leaving the washroom she'd say, 'have a God-blessed day!"   

i say this to say that this 'bathroom lady' made my day brighter.  i honestly couldn't believe what had happened in the bathroom because i've never experienced someone with such a literally 'crappy job' who had such an amazing attitude.  i almost wanted to take Luke in to the bathroom to show him how sweet she was.  but i didn't. 

be a blessing to others.  whether you're wiping pee or crap off toilet seats or if you have a corner office or if you (insert any job on the planet).... you have a chance and a choice to bless others.

i was challenged by bathroom lady.
you should be too.
as bathroom lady says, 'have a God-blessed day!' 

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