Monday, June 18, 2012

the 'dad' post

happy 'belated' father's day to you.  kind of like at weddings how the message is really for the couple but the attendees are invited to listen and think about their own life and marriage... this post is dedicated to my dad but of course it's here so that you can read it too.:) 

it's funny now in life because i have the father of my children that i want to bless on father's day, i have my own dad, and then i have my father in law - all of whom i am blessed to know and have been majorly blessed by in life.  how did i get so lucky to have three real MEN in my life?  in answer to that question, i'm not totally sure -  but i do sincerely hope this post reveals how grateful i really am...

one of the first things that comes to mind about my dad is money.  my dad from a young age taught me about the envelope system and always helped me out through odd jobs that i could take on throughout the house to make money... they weren't always glamorous... like picking up siding and roof shingles off the house after we got new stuff put on or addressing millions of envelopes for random business things... but i earned it & a hard work ethic to boot.  i am sure shortly after the cold hard cash was in my hands i 'tried not to (as he had taught me) spend in all in one place.'  my dad has always been very generous to us... paying for much of my college education and throwing me a beautiful wedding.... the sacrifice my parents made for that to be the case was so so kind. 

i also think about how my dad always tried to build relationship with me.... he'd always come try to have chats with me to find out what 'was really going on in life...' and at one point when i was dating a guy in college he said the hard thing....'kristen, this guy is really nice, we all like him, but i don't think he's for you... '  it took me a few weeks to realize that for myself but i am glad that my dad, a real MAN was willing to say that to his daughter.  the funniest memory as far as relationship goes that i can think back to was when my dad joined Indian Princesses with me...starting with the putting the red vest on for starters and then the fact that i was called something like 'little star' and he was 'big bear' {or something, thank God we forgot} and he joined not because he wanted to go sing kumbaya but because of just that... he wanted relationship. 

being a dad isn't easy... now that i see it on a daily basis ... the 'go out and provide for your family, then come home with a smile on your face and play nicely with the kids and be at every function that will be best for your family and be a Godly man and be ..... {the list goes on and more so the pressure goes on}'  i think that's the hard thing about parenting... is that often you take for granted the parents you have because you think everyone has great parents and at age 18 {at least i} thought i knew more than them.  Then i learned pretty quickly that i knew very little and that my parents sacrificed so much for me out of the love they had for me.  Now even more so being a parent myself i realize the daily give and love and the part of your heart that your kids take hold of after the first time you hold them in your arms.

so dad, you rock.  i know i can't ever pay you back or tell you in words thanks for all the big and small sacrifices you made but i understand now that i am a parent & for that i thank you.  happy belated father's day.
your little cheatlete;)

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