Tuesday, June 19, 2012

five years married - registry tips.

we've been married almost five years {and you're like, for goodness sake, stop bringing that up;)}

and I've been finding that either the things that i registered for were totally worth it and are gonna last a long long time or i should have registered for some totally different stuff.  you learn your style the older you grow and learn to be more comfortable with yourself rather than trying to impress others and be something you're not.  and if you are anything like me before i was married i could barely cook {i've always loved baking} so i didn't totally know what i should get when it came to the kitchen...

whether you're registering for your wedding or for a baby always get advice.  don't think you know it all.  chances are you don't and that people will give you tips on things that are super helpful that you didn't even think of. 

five of the worst things we registered for:

towels....kitchen ones... get a ton and ones that you like to display plus ones that you could care less about.  Clorox wipes are your friend.  as far as bath towels go, don't go too expensive... just get decent towels and be willing to replace them in 5 years. 

knives...our knives stink.  so i would spend good money on knives so that they last a lot longer.  or keep gift cards that you get so you can replace things along the way.

coffee maker... invest in a keurig.  our coffee maker broke in less than 5 years. 

china....i've never used mine.:(  i wish i would have used it already but i have no where to store it and so i don't know if it was worth to get it.  eventually we will use it:)  i guess i will like it that much more when we do.  know yourself... and do accordingly.:)

kitchen gadgets...buy nice, keep nice.  get good ones and ones you will use.  no one's gonna look in your drawers and be impressed so just get what you need.

five of my fave registry items:
good sheets...spend money on your bed sheets.  if you can ... 400 thread count feels so good at the end of the day...the little luxuries count.

awesome pots and pans...spend money on your pots and pans.  once you have kids and are basically cooking every meal... they will get well worn.  good pots don't show wear & tear.  the investment is well worth it.

william sonoma mixing bowls...these were a surprise from a family friend but they are such a treat.  they work well and i love the bottom part of the bowl that helps them to stay in place even when you're mixing something like crazy.  well worth the extra buck.  

duvet cover i love...if you get something you really like and that isn't too trendy or crazy it will last and won't get outdated quickly.  mine was from ZGallerie.... and it barely looks used & i still LOVE it.

panini maker... a fun toy that you can use to make sandwiches and brings a distinction to meals that can be mundane on saturday and sunday especially during the long winters.    

*** my sister's tips: register for two more place settings of plates and silverware... even if you are responsible... chances are a few may get tossed or lost (ha ha that rhymes;))

five of my fave things not on a registry:

recipes from people that are tried & true. 

baskets, frames, candles, wreathes, doormats, vases that i didn't pick out but are decorative pieces for our home that make it look a bit eclectic- i love surprises!

monogrammed anything.  towels, photo albums, aprons.  there's just something about that stuff that makes me smile. 

ceramic bakers...colorful ones that you can bring with to a potluck or if you're having people over...

date night gift cards...nothing can replace time with the one you just vowed your life too. date nights should be a weekly thing.  

this probably seems random & i'll admit it kinda is.  it's just wedding season so i've been to bed bath and beyond more times than i can count and doing that with kids is just a dreadful experience.  sometimes doing something that was meaningful to you is better than what people 'think' they need.  but again it all goes with who you are...

happy registering:)


Renee Cook said...

agreed with all of it!! we registered for good knives (only because of someone else's advice) and they are awesome. wustoff or cutco (i think) are the only ways to go. we registered for non-stick pots and pans... what was i thinking!?!? i now dream about all-clad stainless steal. haha maybe i'll luck out at a rich person's garage sale. :)

becca said...

this is too fun! we just celebrated 4 years and i was thinking about this very topic! i agree with everything, except we got nice caphalon pots and pans, and all the saute pans got ruined after 2 years. calphalon replaced them but the same thing happened again. must be me!

the only other thing i'll say is le creuset! it's worth it :)