Sunday, April 15, 2012

when you realize why it was a 'no'

yesterday i was driving in by myself and therefore had a chance to think because i wasn't being asked for a snack of choice, getting kicked from behind or hearing shrills over a stolen something from a sibling. but anyways i drove past the place that Luke and I so desperately wanted to buy when we were doing our home search. i remember dreaming of how i was going to decorate it, showing our parents it, and 'himming & hawing' over the offer we put in only to hear that it wasn't accepted.

i remember during that time it felt like we were 'banging our head against the wall' because this place seemed so ideal... great location, great space, move-in ready. We weren't questioning God but at the same time we were thinking we knew the plan... {ha, ha, ha} in our minds: if this wasn't working, clearly something was up ---> we just didn't know & couldn't fathom what.

Low and behold, on our last round of showings we found the home we now live in... we loved the backyard, we loved the space and felt like we could really make it into our own.

the time between the unaccepted offer from the original place and the home we bought seemed like forever. we agonized over it and prayed so much. we couldn't see the why but we knew there would be reasons... even if we couldn't understand then.

isn't that the thing with life.... when you believe in Christ and you're praying about something and you're not getting the answer you want, if feels so difficult and almost as if you're saying to God, 'I don't think you're seeing this clearly, we know what we're doing here.' And it always seems like God gently pats you on the back and says, 'I got this, just trust me.' He doesn't treat us harshly, He just wants us to trust his faithfulness of the past. (I'd say his record stands pretty reputable;))

as i drove past this other place the other day i almost broke down in tears... God is awesome. Once we got into our home we realized how many things you have to pay for... even a few months in we could see it wouldn't have been a wise financial move- God's grace, within three years we would have already outgrown the space - God's grace, even if we had outgrown the space we wouldn't have been able to move because they are selling for thousands less than what we would have paid, like thousands thousands- wow, God's grace. And those are just the things i can think of --- i'm sure there's countless others.

When i drove past i was reminded of this: God knows what he's doing. Even when it's not my way, I have to trust him. He is faithful to the end.

I don't know what you're facing right now, I know that life's not easy and sometimes God answers prayers with 'no' and at times it does seem harsh. The amazing thing about God's grace is that sometimes it's protecting you from things you can't even think of. God is awesome... rest in his sovereignty today.

blessed by a faithful God,

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