Wednesday, April 11, 2012

pictures tell a thousand words...

so... here's the last week of my instagrams.:)

I was given this bread and it was a hit with mr. pb&j these days. it makes the job of making the sandwich that much more fun too; who doesn't want to make a sandwich out of tye-dye bread?!

finally got to start the egg-coloring tradition with carter. super fun.
last minute decision to buy luke a tie with the boys in tow... we chose middle.

with luke gone a lot of nights last week, i had lots of time on my hands.... so after feeling overwhelmed when getting home from our trip i was able to finally catch up on everything. ahhh... sigh of relief.:) i had been given this bench by my mil but knew that it would look that much better painted red to match my kitchen... and i was right... i LOVE it.:)

this was a fun idea. child 1 loved it. child 2 would barely touch it. husband also loved it.:)

so... on saturday during naptime i put jellies inside the eggs. on sunday morning (since our easter wasn't till monday) carter found them. he got his nifty 'carter' stool & accessed them. and started eating the jellies. he came and found me with 'i'm in trouble and want to show you what i found' smirk. needless to say the truth didn't come too easy... lesson learned.

this is the skinny second-born that was on his 3rd piece of pizza on saturday... you'd never know it if you saw him.

this doesn't allow the eye to behold the adorable bow ties on the boys... but good enough;)

in order for luke to be part of the egg hunt and jelly bean trail we had easter morning on monday. oh the delight that comes with too many jelly beans...
this is my second born; by nature a 'doer'; he couldn't get enough, if only this sticks... wink.

happy wednesday,

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