Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REAL marriage.

When luke and i took our adventures with our kids a few weeks back... we committed to spend our time resting but also we dug into mark & grace driscoll's new book.... real marriage.

last year we began going through books together more intentionally... by reading a few chapters at a time talking about the things that really struck us in the book.. overall we really took away a lot of things from this book and found it helpful for conversation and hoping that talking and being honest about things in our marriage can only help are some of the quotes and things i found most helpful:)

'A wife flourishes with a loving husband, & a husband becomes courageous with a respectful wife.' {pg. 83}

'Thinking rightly about sex is essential to your enjoyment of sex.' {pg. 122}

'Spend more time thanking God for what you have from your spouse than you do picking at what she or he does not have or give, and your attraction toward and satisfaction with your spouse will increase.' {pg. 154}

'Marriage is for our holiness before our happiness. Your spouse is the most sanctifying, and often most frustrating, relationship you will have. God will use our spouses to expose our selfishness and make us to be increasingly more humble servants like Jesus Christ.' {pg. 159}

'The most important day of your marriage is the last day.' {pg. 207}

Lastly, one thing that they talk about doing that we already do... can you say YAY!!!... is have a weekly meeting... i loved this line: 'imagine a company never meeting as a staff and how miserably they would fail.' you can find out here what we talk about at our meeting:) {pg. 212}

marriage is hard work...
thankful for this sanctifying, God-given relationship,

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