Wednesday, March 7, 2012


it was sunday. we had told carter that we would be going to camp to go on a little vacation.
he was pumped. he remembered camp from this summer.

later in the day he was having a weak moment and in an effort to distract i told him that we would have lucky charms on vacation. in our house that's a BIG treat.
so for the rest of the day, even as recorded by a babysitter he kept saying,
'i can't wait to go to camp on vacation and eat lucky charms.'

after youth group we packed up the car and naturally after exerting that much energy i was starving. so i convinced luke to stop at an oasis. reid had already fallen asleep so of course changing the speed of the car woke him up... awesome. (total sarcasm).

then once i got in the car, my better half hadn't realized there was much gas left. so we stopped again. note: within the first forty-five minutes of our trip we had stopped twice.

Carter was literally busting out of his seat because he couldn't contain his excitement and well for Reid... if you know anything about him... he was loud.

So, while getting gas I got into the driver's side because Luke had had a VERY long day and I usually help with the driving on trips anyways... well probably 30 minutes into my driving we hit a white out... literally going from flurries to snow everywhere with terrible conditions...there were cars all over the sides of the roads, the opposite side of the highway was completely shut down at one point because there was like a six car pile up... can you say scary?!

but i kept driving... at one point i was going like 40 mph and i felt like i was on an ice skating rink. not fun in a car with two children who weren't even being that well behaved. in the back of my head was my dad's voice from when i would drive back and forth in college.. he always said to me...

"Kristen, if you ever get stuck in really bad conditions, just pull over and stay at a hotel. Now, it doesn't need to be a Ritz Carlton but it does need to be safe."

And i couldn't get it out of my head- what's the point of being a hero and driving through this ridiculous storm... i want to be alive at the end of this and would also like it if my car was in one piece. When the white out continued and we couldn't see an end to it or a point to continue driving and risking all of our lives we exited the highway. Found a safe hotel that wasn't a ritz carlton and entered alive and well (praise the Lord)!

Carter was stoked... now not just Camp and Lucky Charms but a hotel too?! I can still hear him giggling in joy! We get into our room and Luke goes down to get the bags and Carter's jumping on the bed and I'm still shaking from driving and Reid is feeding off of Carter's craziness... Luke and I get into 'good parent mode.' You know, where you have your kids go to bed at a responsible time and in a responsible way- mind you it was already 11 pm. lol. And the kids weren't having it.

As I took a break in the bathroom i thought to myself, we're on an adventure... the kids are excited... why ruin that... just go with it... nothing is responsible about 11 pm with two small children... so the heck with 'good parent mode.':)

So, we all slept. {insert: how did people sleep in one room every night in the olden days... our kids are loud} We got on our way back to the camp and had a few days away. Carter ate Lucky Charms. We went tubing. Luke and I started reading Real Marriage. Oh and this morning my husband stopped by this adorable little breakfast place called Hit the Road Joe's and got me a coffee (which i sadly never drank and accidentally left in the microwave) and a homemade muffin... and all three of them brought it to me in bed. I have never had breakfast in bed... so this was so sweet.

this was our adventure this week... and it was just that.
refreshed & happy,

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