Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy heart day.

valentine's day is a special day around here.
no, i'm not going to say that 'it's valentine's day everyday at our house' because that's downright cheese-fest and i think luke would vomit.
i'd like to think we do have a loving house but let's be serious, we're human.

we had a valentine's breakfast with my in-laws... it was fun to see everyone sporting their red!
reid got to wear a v-day shirt i had gotten for carter a few years ago and it says, 'mommy's little love bandit.' Since v-day carter keeps saying, 'reid's my bandit.'
this kid is hilarious.

carter and i made homemade valentine's this year.
i decided we didn't need to spend a fortune or do gifts this year.
they are precious. i might just keep them forever.

then my sweet husband changed the plan that i thought we had by surprising me with a babysitter and a night downtown.
no cooking. no cleaning up. a night out. i was SOOO excited.
not to mention it was ten years since our first date.

when i said, let's do no gifts, i thought it meant none...
so i literally made a paper valentine.
but while waiting in traffic he was like here's your gift:

he got all my blog entries since i started my blog bound into a book.
yes, tears started flowing.
i had no idea.
what a thoughtful gift.

it's fun to look through it now, but i can't wait to reread it in ten years.
so to say that we had a happy heart day is true.
hope yours was special too!

Love & hearts,

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Renee Cook said...

that is an AWESOME, thoughtful gift. way to go, luke! cheers to 10 years strong and still dating