Monday, January 23, 2012

blood part II. commentary

elephant room is this week. this means that we're at the end of a long season and we're excited for the event and wow, i've never seen my husband work so hard in his whole life (insert here: he is a hard worker all the time so you get the idea). although Elephant Room is exciting and challenging there's also High school ministry.

high school ministry was amazing last night. like
faith building.
in awe of God inspiring.
constantly praying.
students fired up.

like wow.

Luke preached an almost identical message to last week because he encouraged the students to bring their friends this week.
AND. THEIR. FRIENDS. CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like so many friends.
like rows and rows of students.
like i don't even know the number.
to me, that's faith building.
that's the students in HSM taking ownership of their ministry and desiring for their friends to not just like them for how they dress or how they look but for the core of who they are: saved by jesus.
can you tell it fired me up?

last night when Luke was explaining the gospel he talked through all the sins that Jesus died for that we commit. it was pretty powerful... i didn't get it all down, but here's the gist.. it impacted me.
the price jesus paid was once for all.
but sometimes once we've heard about it we move past the physical pain.
how though?
When Jesus knew of his impending death on the cross he sweat drops of blood because of the stress and anxiety and that now cleanses us of the stress and anxiety we face.
he was whipped.
he was lied about.
he was treated like a piece of meat.
(sigh), i never want to get over that last one. brutal.
when he got treated that way it pays for all the times when we go the wrong way intentionally even knowing it will lead to sin.
he bled internally.
that paid for all the times we pretend at church when our hearts are far from him.
they jammed a crown of thorns on his head.
this was payment for all the times i think that i know better. {clearly i'm too prideful to see}
then he had nails put into his hands/wrists
that was for all the times i touch, take, or type in things i shouldn't.
his feet were then nailed to the cross.
that was for all the times i go places i know i shouldn't go but go anyway.
he was pierced in the side.
that pays for every time i've ever chosen anything other than him.

if you can't see your sin after that, well, i'm not sure what to say.
in awe of Christ,

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