Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sunday nite commentary

it was good to be back at youth group.

we've been away and so normal feels good.

like the fact that today i am excited to cook dinner. gosh, that only happens after i haven't had to do it in a LONG while. i am thankful for the rest we had and ready to be back 'at it.'

going to youth group on Sunday night felt like home. i was moved to tears during worship and moved by the message as we partook in communion after.

see, Luke preached about the blood of Christ.
something that's graphic as you think of the price he paid (think passion of the Christ) and beautiful as you think of the symbolism of what it gave to us... pure freedom from our sin... it canceled the debt WE CANNOT pay. No one could do it but jesus.

here were his points:
blood was used. ----> when you trust in anything other than or God or put something above God it is sin. So before Jesus came, in the old testament they put blood above their doors to show the sacrifice of animals for sin...

blood failed. ----> eventually it was supposed to be that the constant need for a sacrifice led you to the point that you didn't want to sin anymore... but people kept failing. rules always make us curious to try things even if they are wrong.

{insert example of my husband throwing 'crap off the boat' on the cruise because he wasn't supposed to}

blood is needed. ----> hebrews 9:26 states that Jesus died ONCE FOR ALL. we need to accept him so that his blood covers our payment for sin... because in and of ourselves we can't pay the debt. not by good works, not by giving money, not by living a nice life... nothing we can do can come even close.

blood is perfected. ----> the blood of Christ is the only solution. it's easy to loose sight of what we gained through his blood. but the cold hard truth is that if we don't accept Christ we have a lifetime of burning in eternal hell and separation from Christ.

our responsibility: tell everyone we know. students are bringing their friends this next week and Luke is going to share a similar message. please join Luke and i in praying for our students as they ask their friends to come and as students hear the gospel preached this sunday.

my response: far too often i have chosen comfort over uncomfort. if it feels like i'm being to 'preachy' or if i fear rejection i sugar things up when talking to people when they don't know Christ. i feel convicted. This year i am going to choose the more uncomfortable approach and if i have to say something that is too preachy or that states the truth.... well, the stakes are too big... i don't want those i love to be separated from Christ in eternity.

praying for salvation,

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