Friday, December 30, 2011

small vs. big box.

we don't live in a small town so we haven't had all the small businesses be replaced with walmart but our little friend linda who owns a cleaners down the street is going out of business. sad.

i can't be a hater of those 'one price cleaner' places because i use them myself. but they don't tailor anything or alter dresses or patch jeans.

three years ago we found this little lady who works hard, charges fair prices and the other day when luke went to have her alter his jeans - she told him she's closing... 'not enough business.'

literally, i couldn't stop thinking about it. besides the fact that i was sick for part of this week at which point you have several long hours to think throughout the day about all the sad things happening in the world.... including you being sick... dramatic- yes. true- yes.

anyways... our little cleaners is closing and that makes me sad for all the little business owners that can't stay open because of the big box stores that lure customers like me in for cheap products... oh the dilemma.

i may as well spare you from anymore of this soap box...
and dear sweet linda, i don't think you know how much we appreciated you;)

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