Friday, December 30, 2011

i've surpassed my reading goal for 2011 but haven't quite gotten to all my books. i have two to go. and i don't think i'm going to finish them before tomorrow at midnight...

and yeah know what?!
----------------------------------------------------------> that's ok.

i read at least fifteen books or so... i think when you go from barely reading one book a year to loosing count, i'd say that's a good sign.

i recently finished...
this is one that i think i want to read every year. seriously, whatever season you are in you can learn from it... single, married, dating... us girls think we get guys. truth is we can always learn something.
in my current season, here's 4 things i picked up.
1. he wants you to support him... most of the time that means standing by him and not inserting your thoughts.
2. at the heart of our response... do we want to support our husbands or change them? pg. 130
3. when he makes an effort, it's your responsibility - and your joy - to demonstrate that it's worth it. pg. 152
4. don't get too busy with the kids , the to do list, helping people... for him. pg. 154

i also just finished this book...
at times this one was a page turner. it is definitely a love story. i'm a sucker for that. but it also has some pretty dirty language that i am not used to. at 518 pages... you've got to be a dedicated reader.

i don't know my favorite book of the year. i liked so many of them this year. this was a 'worth it' goal. i challenge you to do it next year if you didn't this year... twelve books... if i can do it, you can:)

happy reading,

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