Friday, December 23, 2011

why i don't write a christmas letter.

i am not against christmas letters or have hate for them... i find extreme joy in running to my mailbox during the christmas season to see the pictures, cards, and letters that arrive daily.. no joke i have to pick myself up out of a funk when i receive none in a day. so for those of you who send us a card, thank you for keeping my spirits up around Christmas.

but yesterday i read a letter from a family we've known for a while and it was real, it described what they did, yet didn't boast, nor made me feel discontent with my life. it inspired me... for a minute i had wished i had sent one out and then thought... 'well, there's always next year.'

for those of you who are faithful blog readers you know what goes on over here {possibly more than you'd like} you see millions of pictures, you hear me tell the stories of our boys and you support us by encouraging us in ministry. but, i thought i would kind of use this mini-platform to reflect on the year.

We started off the year sleep deprived and trying to figure out the two kid thing and although i haven't quite mastered how to shower, care for my kids, arrive on time to events, and have a clean house we've finished the first year and are much less sleep deprived. Somehow our second born has (knock on wood) discovered his love for sleep and we couldn't be more than thrilled. We have taken woody and the various toy story characters (stuffed animal versions) on many adventures and we have completed another season of ministry. it's been a full year... in some ways one that we won't mind to see go and on the other hand have memories that are very dear to our hearts.

Carter Jude the first born is sweet and sassy and lovable. He has a quick wit and loves to talk {sometimes too much}. He takes after his father in many things but thank goodness loves hanging with his mommy too. We have been very familiar with the naughty chair and discipline this year but have also seen him flourish at what he likes to call 'church school' and 'swim school.' Considering his first swim lesson (with me in the pool with him) was spent crying in entirety we have found success in the fact that he doesn't hold us with a death grip anymore and has hopefully given up an aversion to water... we'd say we made progress. His love for books is exciting and his desire to share can only increase... however we hear that's normal.;)

Reid is growing and on the move. We see more of his personality come out daily and we have been waiting a long time for him and Carter to be able to play together... a feat that we feel like is in the very near future. He loves shrieking which others find enjoyable and we tend to 'deal with,' but the laughs and the babbling are warmly welcomed. His love for his brother is undeniable and although you wouldn't know it by his waistline... well, he can eat. We love our time with just him and treasure it since it's rare and like i said before we are very excited that he now enjoys long periods of sleep.

Luke and I are four and a half years into our marriage and are thankful to continue to pour into our relationship and keep it going strong. We enjoyed another year of serving the Lord in the high school ministry and have been challenged as well as encouraged in all that is entailed. Luke has taken on a lead role to put on the Elephant Room conference and we are greatly anticipating all work that has gone into such a neat event. We are thankful for our couple's small group and for family nearby so that date nights are a regular occurrence and so that the fire is still ignited.:)

We've seen God move this year in our hearts and lives... we've cried tears this year... we've seen provisions... we've travelled long hours... we've been up with children... we've had sickness... we've ... well fill in the blank.. looking back this year had a lot but we are so so grateful and testify that God is good all the time.
May you be reminded of that joy in this season.
thanks for your love and support and stopping by this little blog:)
much love,


The Catheys said...

Love it, well written:) Merry Christmas!

dani and joey snare said...

love. merry christmas, my friend. enjoyed your beautiful christmas card.

Rochelle said...

Great recap, love it! Merry Christmas and thanks for all you guys do for Harvest!

Kristen said...

Thanks all:) merry christmas to you girls too!:)