Saturday, December 31, 2011


looking to the future, the new year, new days... new memories, a clean slate.

Luke and i had a little meeting this week of brainstorming... talking and of course led into some kind of discussion 'about God knows what' that got us off topic for a an hour... but we've got some goals we're excited about, challenged by and altogether ready to get going with!

my/our goals this year:

physical: work out twice a week
{our together goal: run a 5k this spring}

finish reading through the bible in a year (chronologically)
{our together goal: memorize our family value scriptures and teach them/the concepts to our kids}

one 'pour out' (into someone else) activity/meeting and one 'pour in' activity/meeting each week

continue blogging;), read at least 12 books (post to come), put together a recipe book with all our fave recipes for my own keeping as well as for a gift to give to newlyweds (excited about this one!)
{our together goal: read the new driscoll marriage book, go through the love life dvd series, tim keller marriage book, and a parenting book - wow typing this seems over ambitious!}


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