Sunday, November 6, 2011

none can deny...

God's faithfulness.

i feel like this year that has been a HUGE theme. in my life.

i can't say, 'Lord, I am so so thankful' enough. ever.

when you want to ask God for something, ask him to show you his faithfulness. you won't be disappointed.

i got going on this thought last night when i was sitting in church listening to my father in law preach. our church gave pledges this weekend for a 3 year giving campaign beyond our normal tithe. his last point in the message was : caution: reward for generosity comes in many forms. he said that in his life he's had at times a blessing of monetary value and at other points in life would have given every cent he owned for it to be the change of a circumstance or fill in the blank... thus to say that usually the monetary reward is worse than the others.

i can honestly relate. so i thought i'd recount some of the amazing faithfulness stories i've seen this year in my {our} life. {this week}

lets start small. at the end of the month money gets a bit tight. i'm not saying we're poor because by world's standards we're not. in fact we are blessed. but, we do a cash system so when it's gone. it's gone.

at the end of october, i was in fact a bit short. i had hosted an event and well the cash was gone. i went to the store and spent $25 extra dollars on necessities... like mega-cheap dinners. we were making it through fine but i had no snacks for the kids...

i'm talking all we had was stale animal crackers & a stack of graham crackers.
{please don't think i'm crying a river here... just making a point.}

but i had this bit of hope in me that God would provide.

i said to myself, 'my kids can eat apples for snacks all week. who needs curious george fruit snacks anyway?!' {carter thinks he does;)}

sorry... i'm getting to the point.

i hadn't told luke about the need or anyone else, i was just thinking, 'ok Lord, i know this is crazy but i know you... you always provide, you are always faithful.'

it was a thursday morning and we had to get all the way to monday to make it to the 31st but at that point halloween candy would hold us over. ;)

We had a family picture event and my mother in law and a family friend had brought snacks for the kids. (yes, i bribe my kids to make them smile... no perfection here:)) as we were packing up to leave the family friend said...

'hey, kristen, do you think you could use these pretzels and toy story fruit snacks and juice boxes.'

i am not even kidding you i just about stopped dead in my tracks.

we didn't need those fruit snacks
or pretzels
or juice boxes.

any family with kids gets tight at the end of the month.
because let's just put this on repeat: there's always something.

but that day God grew my faith.
he knew our needs... as non-existent and as stupid as it might have seemed: snacks & juice.
but when we trust him in obedience
i think you get my point.

God is faithful.
to him be the glory,
a family that saw his faithfulness first hand.


Rochelle said...

Thank you for sharing this Kristen! Oh how much our great God provides for us!! Looking forward to how our church ends up after all that campaigning, time to celebrate this weekend, I'm so excited!! :) God is so, so, so good. And always faithful to provide, even if we realize our needs are silly sometimes, he can use the smallest things to remind us of his faithfulness. So thankful that he does!

Kristen said...

so so true:)