Monday, November 7, 2011

do you cry in your car?

i do.

i'm that weirdo who is driving and can't find kleenex and has raccoon eyes or mascara lines {that shouldn't be dripping}. yes, i'm that person.

why you ask? because of God's faithfulness. and i can't not (sorry about the double negative) think about all he's done when i sing this song. i think about...
circumstances i wouldn't have chosen but He used for my good.
friendships he's given me, when i least expected them.
a taste of hope when i felt like all that surrounded me was darkness.
an encouragement from a friend that i hadn't talked to in ages.
an answered prayer.... what i was praying for or better than i was praying for...most of all different than i was praying for.
when he's changed my heart toward forgiveness or grace when it wasn't what my flesh wanted.

that's just the beginning. but, please. stop what you're doing and just watch and listen to this video. this beautiful worship to God.

one thing i will always remember that my mom taught me... is truly one of life's most important lessons. it's this: people will always fail you. God will never fail you. I love that line because it is so so true. I don't need to focus on the people in my life who have failed me.... {how many times have i failed others is where i should start if i wanted to go down that road...} instead how many times has God failed me. that is a RESOUNDING NONE! that's a lesson i'll never forget.

this is just the beginning of seeing his faithfulness.
because that's the beauty of it... it's a story he's writing and it becomes clearer as the days go by.
touched by his faithfulness,

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