Thursday, October 27, 2011

hey hey!

how was that for a blog binge? luke LOLed when i told him that i wrote five blogs in one afternoon. five?! i must be crazy. (but you already knew that) wink.

anyways, last spring i had the privilege to meet Steven and Holly Furtick, the pastor and his wife of Elevation Church. I enjoy meeting new people and I love when you meet people who are as cool and authentic and love Jesus like you hope they do (especially having read her blog for the last while). These people genuinely love God, their kids, and they are in the trenches doing ministry. Today she posted a blog titled: Don't blame it on the ministry: Relationship edition. I've been thinking a lot about what she has concisely and well written in this post. I don't think i could have stated it this well so you might as well hop, skip, or jump over to her blog to read it. To sum it all up: we should invest in relationships in our lives but know in doing that all relationships aren't forever relationships and that's just life, not to blame on anything else.

have a great thursday!

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