Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Night Commentary.

preface. Luke has been preaching and I have been listening. but, as i have learned for our life we need to really really rest on Mondays so we can go at full force with whatever the Lord has for us that week. so, my commentaries have been lacking... and i realize that. I'm just beginning to think they may be tuesday commentaries because getting on my computer usually means .... well, not really resting.

on to the series... GO CLEAN. he did this series two years ago and it's back again. it's just that umm... necessary.

Last week's sermon was from Daniel 1. (love that text)
his points:
two paths: God's way or the World's way.
I must intentionally choose God's way.
God's way seems crazy.
Loved this part where he talked about the four lies we so easily believe:
lie 1: if I was better looking, i would be happy.
lie 2: if i don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, something is wrong with me.
lie 3: what i do now really doesn't affect my future.
lie 4: Everyone sins sexually, it isn't that big of a deal.
but...God will reward my choice.

My favorite quote of that sermon was: "God Rules- you'll never obey God and regret it."

Last Night's message was about God's Standard for our sexuality.
there's such a spectrum from naive to well the exact opposite from naive so he focused on the truth.
We're supposed to Imitate Christ by walking in love. (Eph. 5:1)
I loved when Luke said: Christ is the only person that didn't interact with awkwardness. think about this: people nothing like jesus liked jesus.

We're supposed to excavate the sexual immorality in our lives both things we do and things we see and things we say/hear/laugh at. so so much guilt goes with this.

lastly, we're to deactivate. walk in the light. It doesn't just work to say you're not going to do something... you have to put something else on... go a different way.

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