Monday, November 14, 2011

I promise I'm not judging you.

I just finished another book. It's called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. It's about the four personality types (yes, there can be combinations) and now whenever I am hanging out with people i am trying to determine their personality type- no judgement, just analysis.

It kinda goes like this in my mind... every personality has positives and negatives... my combo is Perfect Melancholy with Peaceful Phlegmatic. Don't we all know and wish things about us were different? let me just answer for you and i... yes!!! but this book addresses those. turns out my husband and i are the exact opposites. (there's a test in the book) he's Popular Sanguine and Powerful Choleric.

It is a quick read and so interesting to find out how your personality makes sense with life. I would recommend this to anyone. Just be fore-warned that you will be LOLing as you read the idiosyncrasies of yourself and those you love.
happy reading,

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