Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the pumpkin patch.

we're having a flash back here....
pumpkin patch o9.

pumpkin patch 2010

this is actually so true to life... i can't even describe it to you but show you this visual. boys. sigh.

we liked the pumpkin farm....
the pumpkins were the perfect height for reid...

oh and that hat was a janie and jack garage sale find for one whoppin dollar. insert another happy sigh here.:)

in other news... carter figured out that instead of looking at the pumpkins it's much more fun to crawl on top of them. since they weren't charging for broken pumpkins i thought let's just focus on the majors.... this is SOOO minor.

and last but not least our (amazing) church had a fall fest and so the kids dressed up and could 'trunk or treat,' jump in a pumpkin bounce house, and do a costume parade. although there were many tears in actually putting woody costume on, he enjoyed the loot as a result. and yes we are still in candy coma.

looking forward to halloween & loving fall,

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