Wednesday, October 26, 2011

commentary from sunday.

Luke finished the series this week looking at Genesis 22.

he started by asking the question: what's the hardest thing you've ever done?

hmm... i can think of a few really hard things, yep, ok i got it.

From the last post about good old Abe's waiting... his payoff was his son isaac. For literally some people's whole lives they were waiting for this son of Abraham's and finally he was here!

But, in Genesis 22 Abraham was called to lay Isaac down for a sacrifice.

the test: is God important enough to you that you're willing to give everything to him? Jesus gave his whole self to us.

If you don't know the ending to the story, because Abraham was willing... literally when the knife was about to come down on Isaac an angel of the Lord stopped him and because he knew his heart was willing to sacrifice him he allowed him to be spared.

but, it makes us look into our own lives...
God's not happy to be part of you... he wants all of you.

is Jesus Christ your God or not really?
whatever it is instead of him, he will chisel it away out of your life.

key sentence: do whats best now or do it when he makes you. the first one is easier.

i've seen this in my own life. and sadly instead of taking idols out of my own life on my own, God has had to strip me of them, and that hurts big TIME! When Luke and I were dating in college... he was everything to me... yes i loved God, i read the Bible, i went to church, i was even serving but it was just a part of my life... that relationship was my god. And so God stripped it away from me. But then you all say.... but you got it back.... yes, yes i did and you wouldn't be able to know unless you could really look at my heart... because that was such a hard time in my life, the only one I could look to was Christ and it brought me back to my first love- Christ. I realized that although i wanted to be married someday that God needed to fulfill me first and be my rock and refuge and everything before he would bless me with that. That was a long season of process between the promise and payoff.:)

idols stink. let's take them down before God has to.
in Christ,

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