Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i'm back ...

i've been mia. honestly i'd like to blame it on the fact that i have a desktop and have to sit AT my computer to be on the computer but that's just lame. time is flying and i haven't made time for it, that's the real story. Sorry blog readers... i love and care for you, so i'm back. so much so, there's a 'blog binge' coming (that's what my love calls it) when i have all these pent up things i can't wait to share.;)

first things first. ahhhh where to start. well, i have so many fun things i've seen and want you to know about. so this will be a LiNkTaStIc blog.

so so so proud of my husband, the director of the elephant room 2. check out this video (scroll down a bit and press the play button). january 25th will be a great day at our house.

i've been himming (sp?) & hawing over when/if we are going to carve pumpkins. We have ravenous squirrels in my neighborhood that eat ours if they're outside... this idea looks so so tempting. thoughts?

i made these meatballs a few weeks ago and my husband is still raving about them, my son was just talking about the 'neatballs' yesterday.... all to say, they were a major hit. you MUST (i'm not just urging you) make them!!! (i eliminated the red pepper flakes so my littles could eat them without drinking a gallon of water or just having lots of tears;))

we just got family pictures taken and i can't stop looking at them. they were taken by a friend a ministry partner of ours. this one makes me feel so blessed.

luke has preached the last two weeks and they were such great sermons.. our mondays just got away from us and so i will be posting those blogs ... my commentaries:)

i went to a concert with luke and a few high school students and a few of our graduated students on Friday night... David Crowder was there [side note: we went to a david crowder concert at the same theater when we were abotu 17, holy cow... it felt a lot different standing for four hours after having two kids!;)] but two other people opened for them that i loved! Gungor & Chris August... check them out:)

well, that's all i can think of now.
talk to ya soon...

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