Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a bit after commentary.

a couple weeks ago Luke preached a message from the life of Abraham. It was all over Genesis but started in Genesis 12.

He talked about how in life God has promised us things but that we spend a lot of time waiting... i.e. the chart below...


the wait time is the gap between the promise and the payoff.

our whole life is an example of that - Jesus coming back.

for Abraham.. he was promised many kids (gen. 15:2). the problem was that he was really old and he had no kids.

I loved when Luke said 'following God works out not in the first five minutes, five weeks or five months, it's when you're in it for the long haul that he shows you what he's been doing all along.'

another word for waiting is the 'process.'

think about it... he wouldn't have our attention if we asked and got whatever we wanted all the time.

the process is what God does while we wait.

the truth is that sometimes Abraham wasn't a good example while waiting but let's remember he was human. And even in that he wants to do something in us.

the cool thing is that you can see this throughout the Bible in the lives of noah, abraham, joseph, moses, and david, as well as the prophets, and the disciples.

what are you waiting for? i know for me there's different areas of this and in some instances i'm fine at waiting where as others i spend too much time pestering God about when rather than submitting myself to the process.

working on being thankful for the process,

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