Monday, September 19, 2011

apple picking.

i woke up with a pounding headache that continued from last night but i think it's because i hadn't had coffee in two days. i don't think that's a good or bad thing. wink. anyways, a DD coffee and a few tylenol later we headed to our favorite apple farm. it was a bit dreary but actually perfect to pick.

why don't you just come with us...:)

these two are pals. they are look alikes and alike in most ways. too cute.

this is me and my little who had quite superior behavior. don't even look at my bad hair day;)

isn't that glorious?!

this was his first apple he picked... he was pretty proud.

reider enjoyed his apple too.;)

these galoshes are just too much?! Luke said it was too dreary to go today and i said, 'but i really want carter to wear his thomas galoshes.' Luke replied, 'he can wear them wherever we go today, not just the apple farm.' good point babe. Carter didn't avoid puddles, instead these thomases gave him FULL AUTHORITY to go in EVERY puddle and stay in them while making large splashes. they were well used.
this is one of my fave pics ever of my 2nd born.
although this isn't our best family picture it's a memory picture which i am sure we'll look back at. so in love with those boys.:)
did i mention i love them? the classic reid face... like, ok i'll put up w/ carter. and the luke smile... i love you and so i'll take another picture. and the carter... i'm so cute i don't even have to look at the camera.. i'll just pester reid some more.

our loot included two pecks (isn't that a weird measurement of is it just me?!) of apples, a dozen and a half apple cider donuts which WILL disappear in 1.5 (max) days, an apple caramel sucker which was gone before we returned home, and an apple crisp mix. not bad.

this was our third annual year doing this and it was so so much fun. my heart is full.
happy fall,

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