Friday, September 16, 2011

the trifle bowl.

when we were engaged one of the funnest days of my life was registering here! I literally drool (well, maybe just sit jaw dropped rather than drool. lol) over the catalog when it comes to my house so it was only fitting that that is where I would register.:)
I registered for this .... {drum roll please}
and it has only been used for things such as this.... decorating for seasons.

can i just say LAME-O!
but i didn't have a trifle recipe and so i just waited and waited until i stumbled upon...


could all that goodness really go together in one trifle bowl?!

so yesterday i found out. the answer is YES!!!!
{do the caps make it sound like i am screaming? because yes, it was THAT good}

in my kitchen i have an ipod home and lately i can't get it off the artist Christy Nockels. it's a toss up between healing is in your hands and choose as my faves.

in the mean time i wanted to send out some love to my girls. {the ones that are now in college, tear:,)}

i had written them this note...

and addressed all the packages....

even though i had to re-address them at the post office. thank God i was child-free. dang postage label.

i made them what every college freshman wants and needs....homemade rice krispie treats. so so yummy.

on the other hand today is much calmer...
right now i should be cleaning, but i'm not.
the heat is officially on in our house and we're wearing these again....
shall i mention the fact that it's been a battle with my two year old all day?

and we're playing with this vintage{?} toy.
and he's in love.
between having to wear socks and which dsic to put into the view master...
it's been 'a lot of decisions kind of day.' oh childhood.

happy friday,

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