Monday, September 19, 2011

monday night commentary

Harvest Hs has 6 core values. Luke's preaching about them. Last night's value was a message for me among others.

core value #4: BRAVE.

he spoke from Acts 4:1-31 and talked about four steps to bravery.

first he talked about how it is a choice to be bold. he talked about how God picks ordinary people to serve Him so that it rightfully reflects who sent them. nothing that people do is amazing... it's Christ through them and it's a choice for them to be willing.

he also talked about the challenges that come with choosing to be brave. for example, that sharing about what Jesus Christ has done in your life with others is sometimes scary because rejection is real. but, when we are brave, we can't help but share about Jesus because of the amazing things he has done in our life.

lastly, he talked about praying for more opportunities. if we ask, God will give them to us.

he pointed out the fact that he heard about two high school students that died just this weekend from high schools around here. two. it is reality that people are perishing, they are gonna go to hell if we don't tell them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

but will we be brave? just because i'm a mom and don't 'work' doesn't mean i shouldn't look for opportunities to share Christ. I was greatly challenged by this message and am praying for opportunities. will you join me?

let's be brave together,

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