Friday, August 26, 2011

one of those things i dreaded.

this week we tried and i think [think being the key word here] conquered potty training.

my firstborn had showed interest in the spring and ended up [literally] landing nothing in the potty.

so i've been dreading this week a bit.
nothing was on the calendar....
just me and the boys
at home
all day.

this summer has been full.
i don't want to complain because i honestly wouldn't want it any other way.
but some days i thought...'it would be nice to just have some time to stay at home.'
on Sunday, i was looking at my calendar and how empty it was and was thinking....'oh, great'
not because i don't love being with my kids or being at my house....
it's just like being on house arrest is bad if you have the sentence.
or like how a sixteen year old just wants their liscense so they can drive by themselves but they don't really want to be alone in the car.


this was the object to be conquered...

we had cool undies
we had read books about potty's (this one being carter & my favorite)
we had this jar
we bought woody buzz stickers to go on this chart...
and i really want, i mean need to have the cost of diapers go down in this house.

so we stayed home.
we chilled out.
we laughed.
we ran furiously to the bathroom.
we yelled while sitting on the potty, 'come out pee!!!!!!!'
we also had tears.
we had an accident on the playset & on mommy's leg & on daddy's side of the bed...
we had dilemma's over which sticker to put on said chart...
and we took our time eating lots of m's.

this morning i woke up praying that today could be it. that he would get it. that he wouldn't want to go back.
it wasn't magical (who are we kidding here?)
but he is telling me he needs to go.
he does pretty well even when we were out running errands today.
and we finally conquered both #1 & #2 in the potty.

and at four o'clock today when i was thinking about the fact that our house has been a bit calmer
and i liked not having to be anywhere at 9 a.m.
but that i missed telling luke about our exciting summer adventures at dinner time.
i realized that this week was good, but that i like our full life. and i like it even more with a potty trained two year old.

so i don't have a formula but i think we are there and i really didn't dread it all that much... i might have actually liked it.

hoping it sticks,

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