Monday, August 29, 2011

monday morning commentary.

last week the core value Luke shared was Expectant...

this week the core value is
be intentional.
[something that sounds familiar because it's one of our family values.]

he spoke from one of my fave passages : psalm 1.

he talked about three ways to live intentionally.
1. stay pure.
i thought this was interesting: Luke recently read a study that said you become like the average of the top five people you're around.

2. stay connected
reading the Word is the single most intentional thing you can do.

3. stay faithful.
i loved what he said about staying faithful.... everyone can start new things, very few finish. point: don't waste your life... stay faithful to what you believe and living intentionally for it.

how do you live intentionally?
I've learned that the Sabbath is an intentional day to rest. I can do everything in 6 days. I do need rest. God made me that way. It's an intentional choice I have to make [that is against the grain of the rest of the world] but if I make that choice my family and I will be well served.

trying to live in all ways intentionally.

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