Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FUN shower game.

I've helped throw two showers in the last month and they've been FUN. but, sometimes FUN doesn't describe a shower. However, I want any shower that i am throwing to have that theme... FUN.

so i have a game for you that's just that... FUN!

it's a game that i got from a fellow pastor's wife.

there's a baby version (first pic) and a bridal version (second pic).

the best place to find the candy is at walgreens and/or a specialty candy shop for the more exclusive bars.

think of it as a matching game, so every clue has a matching candy bar. you have different categories and as you say the clue (written on a post-it note with the candy bar on a post-it below it) someone has to guess the candy bar. (with a really large group you need to go around with the board and candy bars to show them in order for the guests to guess well, with a smaller group you can go around with just the candy bars).

like i said the
shouting, &
competition will ensue and it will be FUN!

some people like to keep great ideas to themselves... i think why not share?!
Have FUN showering those you love,

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The Catheys said...

This looks so fun...thanks for sharing:)