Tuesday, August 16, 2011

playlist is...

i love music.
but i never download new music.
i hardly ever know the name to the songs playing in my car. none the less how to work itunes.

i'm married to a musician.
in my opinion he cares A LOT about what's playing in the car while we're driving.
i don't really even hear the music unless i'm on a really long ride, by myself, and i'm singing so loud i can't hear the music.. but who am i kidding ?! the last time i did that was in college and yeah.. um. it was a LONG time ago:)

so. this summer i wanted to talk to my girls about worship.
but to go along with it i had them give me one-three of their fave worship songs.
we made cd's and the rest is history.

these days my hair is blowing in the wind and i am taking long drives and singing with the windows down..... actually that's not true. lol. but i do LOVE this cd. so i thought i'd share the playlist.:)

strong enough
give me faith
lead us to the cross
when i am afraid
forever reigns
with everything
all glory
you hold me now
listen to the sound

what's your fave worship song?
worshipping the King,

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