Wednesday, August 24, 2011

etsy shopping.

i think i could spend all day on etsy.

especially if i had a little girl to put all the cute accessories on.
but doing a cash budgeting system makes it a tad inconvenient to buy stuff online.
great system and the benefit is it keeps me off the site so i don't buy anything....

so you're now like what the heck is she posting something about etsy on if she doesn't even go on there.

it's because i have a lovely sister in law... who started a business with her mom and sisters.

she makes adorable posters and party favors.

like this...
and a three print combo like this....
and you've seen her cute favors here for carter's party. too cute!

so go check her out. on etsy. especially if you use your debit card a lot instead of cash;)


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