Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the 'bubbles' party...

yesterday was absolutely perfect. i think i was just as excited about it as carter was. we had a family breakfast at egg harbor. he got a candle in his 'k-cakes' (pancakes) & he couldn't get over it... he kept saying.. again, again!

after that it was for us to complete the mission at hand.... the party.. i'd like to say & give God the glory that Luke and i didn't get in a fight while doing so... that's pretty good for having a 2 1/2 month old, 2 year old and having the thing at your house. growth is something to celebrate:)

i decided to be a bit more economical with the cake this year. so i enlisted a great & crafty friend to help me.. she made mickey & i made minnie. let's just say when i was finishing minnie at 11 p.m. i was fuming at the fact that she made it look soooo easy.

we did carter's favorite foods for the meal... the adults seemed to be rather thrilled.:)

my mother-in-law was in orlando the week before and she got these hats for the kids... totally made it come together!

my sister-in-law makes party favors... aren't they adorable... check her site out here:)

we tried a pinata... it was over the 2 year old's heads... but rather funny:)

and we had fun. i didn't get a family picture... but i did get this picture which to me makes everything worth it:)

for the past little while we have asked carter how old he is.... he immediately says 9. then we say... no, you're not gonna be nine. and he says 'not da nine, two.' and raises his 2 fingers, crossing them. i'll share it if i'm successful getting it on tape. it's so sweet:)

so, to say the least, i'm glad it's over but it was SOOOO much fun!
not da nine, TWO!

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