Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Epic. Epic. Epic.

Epic disaster turned great.

Epic celebration.

Epic deal.:)

These are some of the epics in our house today.

Epic disaster turned great.
it was a shocking 107* today, shocking because we didn't have much of a spring. So, when the weather people inform us of these temperatures it's hard to believe them until i can feel them. and feel them did i. and guess what, i'm not going to complain one ounce because well, because this is what we endured the winter for. hallelujah. so, carter, reid, & i were on our way to a splash park to meet a friend and we were running late, my phone had low battery, and i ran out of time to make a picnic so i stopped by mcdonald's. i was driving and had to keep turning around because my phone maps ap did not assist me in finding said splash park. when looking at the map ap in disgust my phone shuts off. Oh Dear. then my gas light turned on. then my two year old kept asking... mom, wheres splash park? carter, i DON"T KNOW. finally, there was a car next to me with kids... so i asked the guy and HE KNEW!!! We made it, carter had the time of his life. So much so that an aggressive child whalloped him in the back and he smiled and walked away... i couldn't have asked for a better play date on a day with such shocking heat!;)

Epic celebration.
i'd really like to potty train carter. i know it won't be easy. i know that it's inconvenient to find & use public bathrooms. i know that the grass is usually greener on the other side. but, i'd like some success in this department. it would really help my budget out to have only one child in diapers.:) so we had carter buck naked tonight and he peed on the floor but then he got the 'poop look' on his face and i asked him.... and we ran to the toilet and MADE IT! let's just say it wasn't the kind of poop i would have liked to clean up... so it was an even more joyful occasion. I remember reading something a month ago that said that you should do a happy dance when they go... so that is what i did. carter LOVED IT! i think he loved the feeling of success even more than the m's he got as the incentive. who would have thought?! will it continue tomorrow, probably not. will this memory be ingrained in my heart forever, i sure hope so. epic victory is sweet to taste.

Epic deal.
i've always loved a great deal. at an early age i would look through the sunday ads and show my mom all the items that were $9.99. funny is an understatement. so, i really like to garage sale. we had a lazy saturday a.m. and so i thought maybe i should go and see if i could find anything. and did i find something...

so carter got one of these for his 1st birthday...

(wasn't he such a chunky monkey?!)

and i was already thinking about how i would like to get reid one of these for his 1st bday but didn't want to drop the cash. but i found this...


and online pottery barn kids says i can get a replacement monogrammed slipcover for $49. so, a grand total of $54 when it originally would have been $129 (it's the oversized anywhere chair). now, that's an EPIC DEAL.

so what EPIC-LY happened to you today?!
epicly happy,

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