Friday, June 10, 2011

just leave it with me.

the other day i had a conversation. i'm sure you've had conversations like this...

a person states the facts of a situation and they know one side. they have feelings and perceptions and think they know the whole entire thing.

who am i kidding, i've been that very person. but i was on the other side feeling like i knew some information that they didn't know and i wish they knew it because i think it would make them feel differently. i felt like i was between a rock and a hard place. my heart felt heavy, and frustrated, and like if i talked to someone all day long about it.... well it wouldn't produce anything good.

and that's when i felt the soft whisper of the Lord... say nothing profound. just... 'kristen, bring it to me. just rest that i am in control.' actually, it was profound... just simple. it wasn't audible but it was the perfect timing.

matthew tells us to not be anxious for tomorrow or even about today. i can't control the information that people have and i certainly can't control perceptions people have... and my whole life will be filled with situations where perceptions are going to be. true or not; such is life. and everyone could throw pity parties about how perceptions aren't true. and worry about what people think about how people feel.

there's been a lot of days i been anxious about those very things so i say this {not proudly} but as a novice of trusting. i trust the LORD today with what i can't control and i make the choice not to worry/or be anxious/or let my emotions control me... because that never produces anything good.

some trust in chariots.... but I TRUST in the name of the LORD. HE IS a mighty tower and fortress that the righteous run into and are SAVED. now those are truths i can rest in. it's a moment by moment thing. but, i believe God honors even those small, but important choices.

i know who I'm trusting, do you?
choice by choice,

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