Saturday, March 26, 2011

road trip.

today i returned from a 17 hour car ride.
we laughed AAAAA L---O----T.
the kids were noisy. (both in the good & bad sense:))
it was elmo-filled. ( did i mention i'm burning the dvd when i get a chance?)
but did i mention, we DID IT. we made it seventeen hours with three children under 5 with two mommas.

the trip was from chicago to north carolina... north carolina to chicago.

things i learned about carter:
1. his laugh is contagious and he loves to get other people to laugh.
2. he can make the best of any situation or the worst of any situation... thankfully mostly the first.
3. he is just like his father, he loves trying whatever food momma has... and frankly, i like my food to myself. ;)

random thought... we passed soooo many hills with cattle & i thought of this verse:
Psalm 50:10: For every beast of the forest is mine,the cattle on a thousand hills.
and he cares for each of them. such a BIG GOD we serve.

ok, lastly i've come up with some rules for accommodations while traveling...follow carefully:
1. there shouldn't be any financial word in the accommodations in which you stay... if you are wondering what i am referring to---> words such as economy, compare, budget, or america's best value.... they are just saying they are gross when there's a financial word in the name. end of story.
2. when you pull up... all the lights in the sign of the hotel must be lit. if they don't care about the sign... do they care about your sheets? (yes, i'm serious.)
3. all lights on the sign must be the matching color. Again, if budget is spelled in three different versions of the color orange the place is sketch... abort mission NOW.
4. this tip was from my counterpart on the trip... if there's a costume party and it's not halloween, don't stay there. do you get me?!

ok, just food for thought on your next road trip.:)
maybe tomorrow I'll do the five best items for traveling with kids. that's something i know a bit about:)
for now, ciao.

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