Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a here's my heart kinda post.

today my baby turns four months old... in the grand scheme of things that seems small but to the macdonald family, it seems like a large feat. we've made it through the sleep-less nights, and although his sleeping isn't up to the par that I'd prefer, I am praying ceaselessly for it to continue to grow!!!

he is full of smiles and even the beginnings of giggles... i can already tell by the shear size of my boys that they are made uniquely in frame but even more in personality. as i get to know my carter jude he's a jokster, senstive, talker that loves people, loves to have fun, and be the life of the party... reid on the other hand seems to be the easy going loves to laugh type but that might be more quiet... i guess only time will tell.

in the past week i have encountered two mice. yes plural. i hate those creatures... and even though i probably shouldn't i'd be lying if i didn't say i do (gosh, that sentence is confusing). i questioned whether or not i should write that, fearing that no one would ever want to come to my house again... just imagining someone saying eww...gross you have mice in your home. i don't know folks... i guess all i can say is i'm hospitable and they feel loved here?! hopefully just not for very long. i love to love on people... but, i realized when i met these two critters how scared i was... i literally TOP OF MY LUNGS SCREAMED!!!

but it made me think about life and the contrast of life we don't often think about... are we fearing man more than God or God more than man. Luke and I recently read When People are big and God is small. A profound read. I suggest you make time to read it. It will give you immense insight into your life and I'd venture to say an insight into how big you make people in contrast to how big you make God (thus the title).

One of the main points of the book (or that stood out to me) is that i need to need people less and love them more. simple enough, but quite difficult... it takes intentionality but it's doable... it puts God in his rightful place in our lives because he is the only one we really need.

One of the other quotes from the book that has really been ringing in my ears is.. Thankfulness is not a soil that pride easily grows in. How often do we go through our day thinking about all things that need to be done or the things we're frustrated about rather than thanking God for all that he's doing... i don't know about you, but i don't want pride to be part of my character.. instead I'd like to be humble... so i think thankfulness is a path to getting there.

i think as i look back on the lessons i've learned over the last four months of being a mom to two boys, being a wife, pastor's wife, and running our household I've learned that when God is Big and I am small I can see the most important thing that will allow all of my roles to fall into place... the fact that Jesus came to earth and died for my sins to make a way for me.. not only that I can spend eternity with Him but that I can know Him through his word and live for him on a daily basis. When I look at the sacrifice he made for me throughout my days... the fact that my hands smell like poop after changing diapers, or that the outfit i just changed the kids into got puke on it or that I am meeting mice in my house are really no big deal at all.... when i keep it all in perspective I have a faithful God who will meet me with poop on my hands, fearful of mice, with dishevled clothes and all is still more than ok.

thank you God for who you are and that you love me.
thankful to be a mom,

p.s. thanks for hearing my heart:)

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