Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'm a reading machine.

so i can check two more books off my reading list this year. if i keep up this rate, i'll double what i thought i could do. ;) back to reality... one day at a time kristen, one day at a time [now, i'm talking to myself in the third person, oh wow]

at any rate, here I am wanting to tell you about a book that you could read that would make you snicker, slyly smile, and hysterically laugh out loud. i don't know about you but usually i read books that are sappy and make me cry. God knew that i needed this book... a light one to give me some laugh out loud moments.

if you've grown up in the church or attend church these days, this is a must read. not because it has a ton of important things to say but because it allows you to laugh at the things that are sometimes silly about churches or shall i say people in the church. no question, i must clarify this: i love love love my church. see, in order to know that i'm not making fun of my church you need to read this book.

another reason i loved this book was because i could pick it up whenever. in my life stage i need a book that allows me to come back whenever and not have to think through some crazy plot everytime i sit down to read.

my favorite story or 'article' in the book was about the closing song and the piano & drum player. (pgs. 107-108).

lastly, i loved that he brought the book back to the core of who jesus is at the end.... be sick. be loved. point perfectly taken.

i think God loves when we laugh,

p.s. if you've ever read this book, please tell me what your fave 'article' is, then we can laugh together. :)

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