Wednesday, February 16, 2011

favorite things.

i had a friend recently post her favorite baby/kid things... & i thought it was so... good. if you have kids or are going to have kids... you should take a look at it here!

but i was thinking that i have five things i use on a regular basis that i LOVE. like i could live without them if i had to but i honestly feel like they make my life easier & happier... here's a look:)

google reader i was laughing the other day with a friend because she looks at her blogs via her favorites tab on her browser. i really enjoy reading blogs, it's life-giving to hear stories of people's lives and hear helpful tools or be encouraged. i recently downloaded this app on my phone for FREE!! now i can look at blogs while i'm mobile.. or nursing for that matter;) you should be a google readerer.;)

droid... no i'm not against the iphone i just have this phone because i'm tied to the verizon contract which i'm happy with. i never thought i'd like a smartphone & at that sometimes i wish i could throw it out the window because i'm on email, text, the internet too much. but i love the maps/navigation, i love how it's intuitive once you've had it a few days, i love the apps you can have (i've barely downloaded any but like the ones i have)... it's a great phone as a mom.

sunflower scrubber who else needs inspiration & motivation while washing dishes?! i'm not alone, i hope:) i have had this for over a year & love it. It cleans my dishes well, makes me happy & has a cute decorative side to it for my kitchen as well.. nonetheless i bought it for 4.99 at homegoods...

chi : this is hands down one of the best 'electronics' i've ever owned. it never fails me. it lasts a long time. it's like a good friend. sometimes i feel like being cheap when it comes to cosmetics/shampoos etc. and sometimes i think that's fine... like eyeshadow... who needs to wear expensive eyeshadow?! but, something that you use 365 days a year and lasts a few years... i think the investment it worth it... if you don't have one... don't skimp, get the best!

shark navigator vacuum: ok, some of you may laugh.. a vacuum, really?! but, before when i had the crappiest vacuum known to man [yes, there is such a thing] i didn't know what life was like on the 'other side of vacuum goodness. as a busy mom with lots to do there's nothing like a vacuum that cleans the mess up quick. Stop using stinky vacuums and take the plunge.... it's one of those don't skimp on items... it's a must have!

these are my must haves at least right now... :)

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Mama Lindstrom said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out :-)